Roon Playlists not syncing to Quboz

  1. When I create a Playlist in Roon it does not appear as a playlist in Qobuz.
  2. When I create a playlist in Roon it appears in the “Playlists” section under “My Stuff” but NOT in the Playlists section of the “My Qobuz” part of the app
  3. When I create a Playlist in Qobuz in does appear in Roon, both under “My Stuff” and “My Qobuz.” (Favorites also appear in Roon when I “Favorite” something in Qobuz).
  4. When I select “Add to Library” in Roon, it appears as a “Favorite” in Qobuz

I’m using Dell Windows Machine as my Core. All the above happen in both the desktop apps and the phone apps.

Any ideas? Thanks

Hi @Joshua_Rose and welcome to the forum.

To me it sounds like you’re all good and what you describe is exactly how Roon is supposed to work. Further reads:

What is written about Tidal is the same for Qobuz.