Roon plugin for Homebridge

I am a homebridge user and would love to be able to integrate my Roon setup into homebridge. Basic commands totallyy sufficient to start with.

Anybody any plans / capabilities to program a plugin?

NB: I know there is a home assistant setup, but I prefer homebridge.

The only control system Roon currently integrates with officially are Control 4 and Crestron. Those integrations only work with a Nucleus server. I was not able to find an official Homebridge driver when I poked around a little, but there may be one out there.

Since Homebridge is node.js based it should be a fairly straightforward build.

It should be. If I’d know the commands Roon is expecting and on which port I could probably stitch something basic together myself. I did that for the Linn’s LPEC commands as well to Siri control my DSM.

I think this could be accomplished using Roon’s Node API. Unfortunately I am not able to help you with this as I do not use Node at all, but I guess their GitHub might be some kind of a starting point. For controls they seem to have a fairly well documented API, for everything else I have not figured out what it does.

Many thanks, I‘ll dig though that documentation.

No problem. If you need someone to test then i’ll be up for it.

Anyone get anywhere with this yet?

I just used a RPi to set up a home bridge now looking for some roon options

I’ve got homebridge running since well over a year. thats the easy part. Its all very well documented. Most my legacy stuff and KNX actors also up and running in HB. The LInn DS’s I have also integrated using Linn’s LPEC protocol and homebridge-cmdtrigger plugin. but as Roon uses its own protocol, this does no longer work using Roon as control point.

I installed the API mentioned above, but could not get it it running consistently… Got it running once, then never again… which is no surprise given my super basic Linux skills… I probably have it installed in the wrong directory, with the wrong user ID whatever… The Docu is not overly detailed.

But did not spend too much time on it. If anyone gets in running in HB, let us know… I will if I get there one day…

OK, I spend a bit more time on this and with the help of one of the Gurus over at the German homebridge forum got this up and running in no time. I can now control Play / Pause / Repeat Track, Previous Track, Next Track etc. for each zone via Siri :+1:

The problems I had before related to the fact, that I did not install the roon-exptension-http-api as a system service that stays alive all the time - just like my homebridge.

The install description here is not describing the final - and most important - step of making that API run permanent. Probably assuming everybody knows this…

Here is how I got there:


  • A running homebridge installation on Rapsi, NAS or wherever.
  • This means that node.js is already installed as this is also used for homebridge, no need to install again.

Then follow the description to copy and install the API. Test it in a browser as described. I used the “Pause” command for testing.

Assuming your test is successful, make the API run permanently as follows:

Create a service file. I called it roon-extension:

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/roon-extension.service

In the nano editor, paste the following lines:

Description=Roon Extension

ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/node server.js


The WorkingDirectory is the directory where you installed the API. Correct the path accordingly. For me that path was the one you see above.

Once you pasted the above and are sure the WorkingDirectory is pointing correctly, save the file. This gets you back to command line.

sudo systemctl daemon-reload

and then:
sudo systemctl restart roon-extension; sudo journalctl -fau roon-extension

You should now see something like this on your terminal screen:

Jun 06 14:51:30 homepi systemd[1]: Started Roon Extension.
Jun 06 14:51:31 homepi node[14612]: Listening on port: 3001

If you get his, you can exit that dialog (CTRL+C), get back on the commandline and enter one final command to start the service automatically every time the Raspi gets rebooted:

sudo systemctl enable roon-extension

DONE! All you need to do now is to install the on your homebridge (if it isn’t already installed), edit your config.json and create a stateless switch for every command you want to have in homebridge.

Reboot homebridge and Roon and Siri will be able to talk to each other!