Roon plugin for Homebridge

I am a homebridge user and would love to be able to integrate my Roon setup into homebridge. Basic commands totallyy sufficient to start with.

Anybody any plans / capabilities to program a plugin?

NB: I know there is a home assistant setup, but I prefer homebridge.

The only control system Roon currently integrates with officially are Control 4 and Crestron. Those integrations only work with a Nucleus server. I was not able to find an official Homebridge driver when I poked around a little, but there may be one out there.

Since Homebridge is node.js based it should be a fairly straightforward build.

It should be. If I’d know the commands Roon is expecting and on which port I could probably stitch something basic together myself. I did that for the Linn’s LPEC commands as well to Siri control my DSM.

I think this could be accomplished using Roon’s Node API. Unfortunately I am not able to help you with this as I do not use Node at all, but I guess their GitHub might be some kind of a starting point. For controls they seem to have a fairly well documented API, for everything else I have not figured out what it does.

Many thanks, I‘ll dig though that documentation.

No problem. If you need someone to test then i’ll be up for it.