Roon preventing Synology NAS from Standby Mode

I have configured my Synology NAS to go into sleep mode after a certain time of inactivity. Does Roon keep my NAS that busy that it prevents it from doing so? If yes, is there a possibility to send Roon also into app nap?

Are you running RoonServer on the NAS or is it just for file storage?

I am running it on the nas via an external ssd.

Update: I was encountering no single standby mode since I’ve been investigating this issue which has been going on for a couple of days now. However right now the nas went napping. What I find particularly strange about this behaviour is that I am currently playing a playlist in Tidal via Roon. Ok I started the playlist 20 min ago and also wasn’t connecting to Roon anymore but I find it kind of weird that the nas refused to sleep while nothing was going on in my network for hours and hours.
So, maybe I have to look somwhere else to find solution to this nap mistery.