Roon Primer for Roon prospects

I am a happy Roon Lifetime subscriber.

We have a local Facebook group for HT and music enthusiasts, and there are a total of three Roon users on it. So I was thinking about creating a thread there, explaining to people what Roon is, how it works, what they need to implement, and how they would benefit from it.

Can I get some help putting something together for that group? Something simple?

Unfortunately, I don’t think the explanation is very simple for our group, and I am afraid they would not get it, if I just simply copy/paste from the Roon site.


Would some Hans YouTube clips help

Roon 1.3

I guess Roon is different things to different people…
For me it’s primary value is the way it connects music and (with Tidal) encourages you to explore different music. For others it’s a high quality multi-room system.
There is no one line that will convince everyone, you can only make it easier for them if you know what they are using and looking for. That means interacting on a personal level.

Best way is get them to try it themselves, that is what the trial is for :).
I’d suggest a shared two week try-and-discuss period so they can go in, experience and fix problems together. Being an enthusiastgroup that may be fun.

You may have seen these already but the Roon website has a gentle introduction to the main concepts. The Roon Knowledge Base has deeper explanations.

I’d suggest setting up a system and handing around an iPad Control, inviting people to explore and build a Queue.


I appreciate the replies so far, but I am looking for something really simply. I will obviously include links and what not

Maybe, but I was very sceptic about the idea (‘that much for some metadata?’) until I tried it myself.

Introducing eith a hands-on at a meet may work as well.

If you want to work together on a text, make a first attempt and see where the community can chime in. IMO, points to accentuate: free trial (do it together), almost any laptop (possibly with usb-spdif adapter) will do, integrated reviews for music discovery (most will reference similar music, the more music you have the better the inserted links will get)

This is about as simple as it gets I think: