Roon - Proportional Q or Constant Q

Hi Support,

I need to implement a Rephase FIR crossover created using constant Q PEQ, using Roon convolution.

Can you please confirm if Roon convolution will process Constant Q, or do I need to convert all constant EQ settings to Proportional prior to a Rephase settings export?

Roon Procedural PEQ: 1khz, Gain 10db, Q 1 = Proportional

Many thanks

@support… Can someone please respond. Thanks

@danny Hi Danny. You might be able to answer this?
Any help would be appreciated.

Roon does not use Constant Q.

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Thanks I saw that post. The gentlemen’s calculator seems to convert incorrectly. I.e. Labelling is around the wrong way. Converting Constant Q to Proportional Q, the Q value for an equivalent Proportional PEQ should be wider not narrower. I posted on this thread a few days back.

My understanding is that Roon uses proportional PEQ in prcoedural/IIR, but will process convolution FIR’s made with constant Q’s, as its essentially a black box solution.