Roon provided playlists with local files?

I rarely use provided playlists such as the Daily Mixes. It’s not that they don’t measure up or anything, i’m simply more of an album listener.
And i also have posted previously questioning why they only pull content from my streaming service, when i often have more than 90% of the content locally. Not only that my local content is often in even higher resolution or even DSD.

Now, i just tried one of the Roon curated playlists and surprise?
These actually do use local content in most cases when it’s available?

This is the excellent My Dream Theater by @noris

First track and most others are actually referenced to my local files!
What is a bit strange is that, say, “A Change Of Seasons” is pulled from Qobuz, but the album is in my library, identified… ???

I’d love all Roon curated and Valence provided playlists to prefer local content! (To my ears local content ALWAYS sounds better than streamed, even if the stream os higher rez… YMMV)

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@Mikael_Ollars - From my understanding, Roon-curated playlists have a special sauce that allows them to find the “best” version of a track :slight_smile: . I can’t comment how it works exactly, only the devs would be able to do so, but I did notice a difference on my end from the tracks I initially selected too (they were all from TIDAL initially).

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Thank you! Now, i’d love a switch to allow all playlists to “prefer local media”, when possible!

I must have missed something - is it possible to “load” public / users playlists now?

I’m not sure i understand your question?

My original question was in context of the Roon curated playlists available a bit south on the Home view:

As opposed to the “Daily Mix For You” where EVERY track comes from your streaming services, the Roon curated playlists actually selects local content when available (in many cases, but not all).
This is from the “Black Trailblazers” and as you can see there are a few local and some from Qobuz in the playlist:

My bad, sorry for not being clear (I understand your main question). You show a pic of a playlist " My Dream Theater by @noris" and thought that you “loaded” that playlist from a public profile somehow.

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