Roon Qobuz question


Is there a way for me to access the electronic PDF material for a CD that I have burned locally but which is also available on QOBUZ. My problem is that if I have burned the CD and it is also available on QOBUZ the QOBUZ PDF link is not visible and perhaps not even available to me.

Basically it seems that if I didn’t have a local copy of the music then I would be able to see and access the QOBUZ PDF link. So my question is: Is there a way to access the PDF in such a situation?

Thanks for any suggestions

You’ll need to view the Qobuz version to see the attachments, and the easiest way to do this is to add the Qobuz version to your library and view under the Versions tab.

Thank you! I now see the versions tab which I hadn’t noticed before and found the PDF.

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Did you try to copy the PDF file on your local album folder?

Hi Daniel
When you say copy the PDF to my drive, do you mean the Qobuz PDF? My local music is mostly burned CDs which don’t come with electronic PDFs. I have only a small amount of downloaded music which was supplied with PDF files.

Roon opens the Qobuz pdf in your default pdf reader. Once you have the pdf open there is nothing to stop you saving it to your local album directory.


Open the booklet in the Qobuz app or in their web player, there should be an icon to open it up in a seperate window and from there, depending in your browser, you can simply click on the download icon that shows up on the bottom (I’m using Safari) or save as pdf from your browsers menu

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In any album folder, Roon will recognize PDF , PNG or JPG just copy any files in to the root folder and it will appear on the main album screen as an image count (5 in this case) independent of which version you are showing .

I often copy & paste a review into Word and save as PDF

That makes sense. I might in future try saving my own PDFs to make them easier to find and access.

Thank you all