Roon / Qobuz track information missing

Roon Core Machine

Linux, AMD Ryzen, 64 GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

All kinds of equipment

Connected Audio Devices

All kinds of equipment

Number of Tracks in Library

I’ve got no idea, where can I see that again ?

Description of Issue

I’ve noticed that the track information from Qobuz albums are not always displayed completely in Roon. I’ve got a good example below in the pictures.

Qobuz screenshot from Buggin’ Remixes by Hot since 82

Roon screenshot from Buggin’ Remixes by Hot since 82

Hi @larsh,

Thank you for getting in touch about this. I’m happy to say that work is currently underway on wide-reaching metadata enhancements - specifically those that will address track display extensions such as remix, alternate version, instrumental, live version, demo, etc.

Please understand that these efforts comprise just a piece of other simultaneous development work that is underway, and we don’t have a timeline to share for when these features will be implemented. We know that you’re all eager to see this happen - we are too. We love music the way that you do, we’re in this together. We appreciate your patience while we continue this work. Please stay tuned for more. Thanks!

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