Roon Radio - 1 star tracks is there a way so that roon skips them?

One of the benefits of roon is how roon radio discovers gems within your collection.

From previous software I have rated tens of thousands of tracks in a 5 star system. Many of my 2 star tracks are good/ok within the context of an album but not appropriate when randomly dropped into a playlist. The 1 star tracks are just plain bad/embarrassing.

Is there a way of identifying these tracks so that roon skips them and they don’t feature in the roon radio?

ok, found the answer in a previous post - should have looked first, sorry.


So–in that context: Radio is not library shuffle and is not trying to be. It’s also not designed to be a venue for highly detailed control.

If you want to accomplish a highly controlled shuffle within your library, there are ways to do that–for example, you could focus the album or track browser on the stuff you want to play, then exclude a tag from the focus that means “stuff I don’t want to hear randomly”, and then shuffle-play that browser. You could also manually dump a bunch of content into a playlist or tag and tightly control a random play experience by playing or shuffle-playing the playlist/tag.