Roon radio: Ability to prioritize local files over streaming service

After the replay of the selected scope ends Roon radio kicks in.

When it does it selects randomly among my local music and the Qobuz streaming library (I am a subcriber).

It would be nice to be able to limit the scope to locally stored music only.


There’s an option for this under the three dot menu on the queue display…

Edit: Or, maybe you meant to not play qobuz files that you have in your library? This option won’t do that. Sorry if I misunderstood.

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exactly, I don’t want to stream a Tidal or Qobuz file if I already have the same or better master in my library. otherwise, I love to explore what’s new with the streaming services at the same time. Help!!! Thank you :heart_eyes:

ASFAIK you can’t, in fact RR seems to prioritize the streaming service even if the local file is higher resolution

Irritating if you bandwidth is capped.

You can turn off the service, but dumb but works

Can the Roon powers that be please implement this? Roon Radio seems to choose Qobuz tracks over my local library tracks which I prefer. This is a relatively obvious ask I would think.

I kind of agree this would be great. Also since ARC has been implemented, you can’t download offline versions of cloud streaming. So if trying to sync albums and its defaulting to cloud services, you CAN’T. So it should ALWAYS default to your local copy or have a setting to do so in my opinion.

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Bumping this thread. I’d really like this feature too. I see no reason to play Qobuz versions of tracks when the local version is obviously linked. I mostly just prefer to play the local ones because they’re “in my library” and that allows me to like/ban them.

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Bumping this thread… my main issue with Roon seemingly preferring streamed versions (but sometimes a local version of a song will suddenly play) is that a lot of original albums are removed from streaming leaving only recent remasters which often sound inferior to my original ripped CD’s or Bandcamp downloads.

I guess it’s a rather technical challenge to implement this but from a user point of view it would just make a lot more sense, at least there should be an option provided.