Roon Radio and Tidal?

Hi. new to Roon and Tidal. I see this has been posted a couple years ago, so wondering if the answer has changed…when I choose an artist, album, or end of song queue and radio kicks in, it only chooses from my library. How can I get Roon Radio to include the Tidal albums/artists that are in my library?
This is confusing. Thanks for any input.

It only uses your library. That will change in the future. No timeline given.

Hi James,

Roon Radio will play tracks that are in your library. That includes your music and any Tidal content you’ve added to your library.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Greg. But. It’s not. For instance I just chose the tag ''British Blues" and it chose only 6 artists from my library, and nothing from Tidal. And all it’s playing for an hour is The Rolling Stones. ??

thanks. tidal has no music discovery either. miss that about spotify.

Do you have any content in your library from TIDAL tagged “British Blues”?

No have not tagged anything from Tidal but MQA.

That may explain why you’re not seeing TIDAL in radio for that particular genre.