Roon Radio Broken?

What has happened to Roon Radio? I don’t stream, so it is local library only, but I do have over 1600 artists and nearly 80,000 tracks in the library. so there is quite a bit to choose from. I own all the music, so clearly I don’t mind hearing it, but tonight’s progression has been bizarre.

After listening to a new Afro Funk compilation (of which I have literally hundreds in the library), I immediately started to hear Rage Against The Machine shout that they won’t do what I tell them. Then there was an Australian country music track, Beth Orton turned up and now Basement Jaxx are playing for some reason. Australian punk band The Screaming Tribesman have now joined the party.

I’m a lifetime member, so I am stuck here. Just asking - what is going on? This used to be better. I welcome the odd incongruity a music shuffle gives you, but Roon Radio used to be a great way to rediscover my music collection (in line with my mood). Now it seems just random. Does valence not have any logical connections between music if it is not linked to tidal or the like? Is there a button I should push to get back to the old linking system?


Not sure what’s going on Mathew. I have Roon 1.8 and have had no problems with Radio either Live Radio or My Live Radio. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Roon?

Hi Matthew,

My experience is the same as yours: Roon Radio moves from country to metal to jazz to prog rock and back to country, etc. And when I start with a baroque concerto, the next piece will be an opera aria followed by serial music, a Mozart symphony, a hard rock song, a string quartet, etc. There seems to be no logic at all anymore and Roon does not seem to adhere to any logic here.

I used to love Roon Radio, but I’ve had to turn it off in 1.8.

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Thanks Guy, I will try this

Glad to hear it is not just me, but sorry you are suffering the same fate.

I have no idea why it should be the case that Roon Radio appears to work well for some but not others.

I know it won’t be any consolation for you, but Roon Radio in version 1.8 works every bit as well for me as it did in 1.7. I use it a lot!

Thanks. Glad it is working well for you. I miss it! It was a great feature.

Using tidal radio on my phone , just now… I was able to discover 3 or 4 new songs in one hour. Using roon? I spent all weekend listen to roon radio not even a single new song. I do like the new 1.8 visual, but something is going very wrong with roon radio.

Anyone from Roon want to weigh in on why Roon Radio doesn’t work anymore?

Will this ever be repaired? I noticed the same issue; if I play an album, Roon radio will play the exact same songs in the same order after the album is finished.

Relatedly, if I transfer a track to another bridge, and then later continue playing on the first bridge, the exact same songs will be played on the first bridge that I already heard on the second bridge.

There is no randomness left anymore in Roon radio.


Are you sure you don’t have repeat turned on?

Repeat would repeat the album, wouldn’t it? But in my case, the album finishes, Roon radio selects a new track from a different artist, but it is the same tracks from the same artists in the same order every time.

I struggle with radio as well. Sometimes it works really well but sometimes it’s like a drunk guy DJing my sister-in-law’s mom’s 3rd bachelorette party. I find that radio also heavily favors live albums and will often times play several tracks in a row from the same live album before switching to something else.


Repeat is at the queue level. It will repeat the queue whether it is only an album, or, a bunch of songs played.

It easy to check. Go to queue screen and see if the repeat icon is blue, meaning engaged. It is off in the pic below


It is not on repeat. I never use repeat, but I checked because you asked. There is also no queue before I start playing that album. And it is not only one album that is affected. But I noticed the issue because I repeatedly listened to that album, and Roon radio always gave me the exact same songs in the exact same order. Independent of the endpoint that I use (I have 3).

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If you are looking for official support, then I would suggest putting in a support request in the Support section.

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