Roon radio does not "know" if a Qobuz album already is in library


I noticed that when Roon radio pulls a song from Qobuz, it always appears as “not in library”, even if it has been added before.

Step 1 - Open album from Queue for a song added by Roon radio

It has the “+” sign to add in library :

If the album is not in library, it is added properly. If it already was (same version) or some songs were added before, it stays stucked on loading :

Step 2 - Open the same album from History
It shows as already in Library:

If you go back to step 1, it will appear as not in Library again.


Yes, I spotted this too

I’m using Roon Radio today and noticing this consistently. Also, as I enjoy and use Daily Playlists more, this is an issue - the playlists often include tracks from my library but use Qobuz or Tidal versions. This is fine as artists get a tiny bit more revenue if I buy their album and stream it, but I’d just as soon add the streaming versions to my library as well. This behavior makes it hard to know what’s in my library already and what’s not. @support - is this expected behavior or something else? Thanks!

Hey @kneville,

Thanks for getting in touch :nerd_face:

For some context, the version displayed and played by default is based on a number of factors. At this time there is no way to set a default preference.

As far as discerning between what’s in your library and what not, this article should help:

Happy to answer any specific questions :nerd_face:

Thanks for the additional info @rebeka. My issue here is that Roon doesn’t seem to know what’s in my library when playing tracks from Qobuz or Tidal via Roon Radio or in a Daily Mix. For example, earlier today I was playing the title track from the album ‘The Optimist’ by the group Anathema. That track was put in my queue by Roon Radio. It was the 24/96 version from Qobuz. Here is what is already in my library:

As you can see, I have a flac version and I’ve added versions from Qobuz and Tidal to my library. (Sorry, last one is cut off, it is a 44/16 version from Tidal.)
Here’s my “Now Playing” screen:

But when I click on the track here, presumably to take me to the album in my library, I get this screen:

Hmm. Can’t mark any tracks as favorites, seems like it’s not in my library because the ‘+’ to add it is displayed, so maybe I don’t have it. Ok, I’ll add it. Well, at that point, music keeps playing but the album never adds, the indicator that was the plus sign just spins and spins.

Shouldn’t Roon know that this Qobuz album is already in my library and take me to that album and not display the plus sign indicating this album could be added?

I hope that’s clearer. Seems like others have noticed this behavior as well. Glad to move this to ‘Feature Requests’ if this is expected behavior, otherwise thanks for looking at this issue. Cheers!