Roon Radio Enable/Disable control setting per user profile

Unless I am mistaken, Roon Radio’s ‘start after the music ends’ setting is a system-wide preference. However, I’d like this setting to be user-specific.

I’m not even seeing it as a system-wide preference. I have it turned off in al the “Play actions” but it has no effect.

Radio is related to the play queue. You turn it off for each zone from the play queue. If you move a queue from a zone it’s still active on it will transfer that setting to the zone you move if you don’t want it at all turn it off for all zones. It works as its designed to. You see in my pic Radio is off I don’t get radio until I turn it on or send a queue from a zone with it on to this zone.

Thank you Simon. I would have never guessed a running queue had to be pulled up first for such a global behavior. I went to roon’s page about zones and the radio feature isn’t mentioned there.

Thanks for the clarification. Indeed this is quite counter intuitive - to me, turning Radio on/off should be a matter of user preference, not queue preference. But at least now I understand how it works and can work around it. You see, we are multiple users on the same Roon system, and I don’t quite like to here the radio after listening to my songs… after my daughter has listened to her stuff in the same room.

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I agreed its not explained well having it per zone gives it more flexibility though than being a global setting. I tend to have some zones with Radio on, such as my office zone others I don’t. If it was global I would be forever toggling it on/off so their logic makes sense they just need to explain it better.

Unfortunately user profiles are all but useless in Roon as they don’t have any individual settings that are for the user they are all still the same as global. No separate library no separate streaming accounts. All you get is a different play history.

I agree… but wouldn’t it make sense to have this setting in the user profile ? which would make more sense on multi-user setups…

It would of the user profiles carried any settings but they don’t so it doesn’t.