Roon Radio inappropriate behaviour? Maybe a bug?

I haven’t tagged this as either a feature request or a bug because I’m not sure which it is, it might even be intended behaviour but if so then I suggest it is inappropriate.

The following might be enough to duplicate the problem but due to the varied nature of library content and the dynamic nature of what is available on Qobuz it might not be reproducible. Anyway, this is what happened for me…

My Roon Core library is mostly locally stored files with some albums added from Qobuz. I have no other streaming services set up. I have no Muse albums or individual Muse tracks in my library either locally stored or added from Qobuz.

1 - Empty the queue and select the latest Muse Album entitled “Will of the People” to play in its entirety. Roon Radio should be enabled such that it will play music similar to Will of the People after the album is finished.

2 - Listen to the end of the album. At that point Roon Radio will select similar music to play. In my case the first track it selected after the album had finished was “Won’t Stand Down” which is track 4 of the album just played.

I remember a while back I raised the issue about Roon Radio selecting a track by the artist only just played and Danny (I think it was Danny) explained that it was intended behaviour to ease people gently on to undiscovered stuff. On reflection I could see that logic, just because you had played an album by a band didn’t mean that you were familiar with other albums so just a taste of something from the same artist but a different album makes sense but for Roon Radio’s first suggestion to be a track that the user explicitly selected to listen to and had been played about 24 minutes ago does to me seem inappropriate enough to be a bug.

I can see why the algorithm might have done this and I haven’t seen it happen before, and I can also see why addressing it might be well down the priority list, but I thought I would mention it anyway. Perhaps at some point when someone is looking at that bit of the code an improvement might be to pass the candidate for next suggestion through an additional filter that checks if that exact same track has already been played in the last hour or so and if it has then re-run the selection algorithm (obviously with the input parameters adjusted to make it look as if the filtered-out suggestion had actually been played so that the algorithm doesn’t keep returning the same suggestion).