Roon Radio mid-queue enable

Personally, if reproducible, I think this is a bug but I’m being a softly-spoken citizen of this community so am putting it forward as a feature request. I’m also too lazy to fill out all the info on my setup for a bug report but will of course do that if it isn’t reproducible on any system.

My issue is that I was about 75% of the way through listening to an album I had queued up, maybe the final 3 or 4 tracks of the album (Tame Impala “The Slow Rush”) left in the queue, when I decided that I would be interested to see what Roon Radio would discover for me and remembered that I had it switched off so enabled it but it didn’t do what I hoped. When I got to the end of the album the music stopped. I went to the queue setting and the Roon Radio toggle was on so I’m guessing that Roon only checks the status of the Roon Radio toggle when something is queued so if the setting is changed in the middle of playing out a set of previously queued tracks it doesn’t detect that. I’m also assuming that Roon Radio only seeds itself from the last explicitly queued track so the solution, not at all computationally intensive I would have thought, is to re-check the status of the Roon Radio on/off toggle at the end of each track in the queue as opposed to at point of adding to the queue.

As mentioned, I will file a proper bug report if this is an issue specific to my setup as opposed to an (in my opinion) design flaw.