Roon Radio not available for some subgenres?

I’ve recently started playing with Roon Radio based on specific genres and subgenres. I hadn’t used this feature much prior to 1.8, so I’m not sure if this is a long-standing limitation or a new bug. And apologies if this is a duplicate; I couldn’t find a match to this question.

For some subgenres, both the Play Now button and the adjacent pulldown menu that would normally allow me to select Roon Radio are translucent (not really “greyed out” but the blue equivalent), and non-clickable. For example, if I go to Memphis Blues, the button is nonfunctional. But for Delta Blues, it works fine.

What causes this disparate behavior? Do I need to add music of the Memphis Blues subgenre to my library in order to activate Play Now and Roon Radio for that subgenre? (If so, why?)

Would be great if there were a tooltip that would tell me why a control that is visible on my screen can’t be used.

Roon Radio is a mess. Be careful in subgenres, it will repeat artists and albums a lot — and every time you go back to that genre, it will basically play the exact same thing that you heard previously, just in a slightly different order. See this thread that I started a few months ago if you want more details and data.

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