Roon Radio option to play entire works

Roon Radio generally does a good job of making its choices. However, it chooses and plays only single tracks from my classical albums.

Please consider adding an option to tell Roon Radio to play compositions instead of single tracks. Or to look at it another way, if the current algorithm would choose a particular track, have it look at the Composition to which that track belongs (in the chosen album) and play all the Composition tracks, in movement order, from the start to end of the Composition.

BTW, I have chosen to have Roon use my own classification of Composition, since I know it to be reliable. This has been working very well, but I know that everyone doesn’t necessarily have good enough metadata to rely on this. That’s why the option I’m requesting needs to be a user choice.

Thanks for considering my request.

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+1 for this. I find the radio quite good for classical in terms of keeping things consistent, but would love an option to play the full composition rather than the movement.

+1 the lack of Radio by. composition makes this feature worse than useless for me.

I’ve been a Roon user for a couple months and I generally have been enjoying how it works with my music system (a Windows pc and other connected devices). I do have one annoyance that perhaps someone can help me to fix. I am a classical music and jazz fan. After I play a classical piece from my own library or Qobuz, Roon radio will kick in. Great so far, however… My big annoyance is that Roon radio only plays movements of pieces and not full pieces-- I find this frustrating and disappointing, especially for a product that bills itself as being intended for the music cognoscenti. Is there some way in Roon’s settings where I can adjust Roon radio to play complete pieces and not truncated bits of what should be complete works? Today it was very jarring and frustrating to hear just one movement each of Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition” and Mozart’s Symphony No. 40. I had to stop listening. This is not what i was expecting. Thanks in advance to anyone who can assist.

Hi @Alan_Edelstein and welcome to the club.

What you describe is the way Roon Radio is currently designed. It plays tracks, not compositions. One reason why I am not really using this feature, as you say for classical music this makes limited sense.

I would suggest to move this item to the Feature Request section as it has ended up down in „Uncategorized“. you can do this as follows:

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As a workaround, instead of using Radio, use a playlist. Select a wide swatch of albums or compositions, then Play Shuffle. This will give you some of the randomness of a radio, but with the complete compositions.

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I’m a classical purist. I don’t want to hear individual movements (tracks or songs as conventionally known) at random.

This is what Roon Radio seems to do. Once my chosen piece ends, Radio takes over and it starts off in the middle of some composition. Totally out of context and sounds weird.

Can Roon provide an option such that Radio will play entire works from beginning to end?

This is really a feature suggestion, so I’ve moved it to Feature Suggestions

Support is intended for when there’s a bug or something is broken. This isn’t the situation as far as I know.

For what it’s worth, when this is in the new area you can vote for it. I suggest you do, and you rally others who agree to vote for it as well. I think it’sa good idea, though I don’t know if I have any votes left.

I was surprised to look up and see Roon playing the second movement of a Schubert piece after finishing a local album.

This flaw of Roon Radio is what I would call “bad form.” True, most musical movements can be listened to without hearing its siblings. But the composer did not intend a single movement to be played alone. Roon, the leader of classical music presentation, should honor the composer’s intention.

I suggest adding a simple toggle to accompany the other radio toggles about explicit material and local content. The new one would read something like, “Play entire Classical works.”

Yes, I know this has been suggested before. Cheers!

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Roon Radio always plays a single title, then jumps to another title from another work. This is not very suitable for classical music, where a title is better appreciated in context of the whole work. One would prefer that Roon Radio selects works randomly, not titles. There should be an option to make Roon Radio behave this way. Seems simple to implement, since Roon have the notion of work.

This has been raised many times along with massive “genre shifts” eg Moonlight Sonata to 9th Symphony

I’ve done some housekeeping and consolidated these separate requests into one thread.

If any of you haven’t voted for this request, please use the Vote button at the top of the thread… Thanks.

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Have stopped using Radio because of this classical heresy.

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