Roon Radio plays the same tracks

When selecting a track, Roon radio likes playing the same style, ending in playing the same tracks. Next time, when selecting another song in the same style, Roon radio selects the same songs again. So the playlist is boring fast.


I agree. I am a new subscriber and one of the things people praised it about was the “music discovery” but I hear the same damn songs over and over within any genre I listen to.


I must admit I have to report the same. I was “running in” a new set of speakers on the weekend so started with some soft rock (Eagles Greatest Hits) and left roon to its devices once the album was complete and noticed the same thing, the same artists, the same albums, the same tracks just kept repeating through out the day.

Surely that is not the rationale of Roon radio?

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Has anybody come up with a solution to this? I am noticing that the repeats happen way to frequently considering we have streaming services with 70+ million songs.

I have tried picking a Song, Artist, Genre and selecting radio and I get repeats within a few hours. What am I doing wrong.

Thanks in advance.

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same here! and it’s getting to the point where it’s massively annoying. I hate to compare this to sp**fy but at least their radio works - @roon you really need to sort this out and quick.

if not i am seriously considering whether or not i continue my subscription (which is a massive shame as i love roon.

as far as i am concerned you’re not doing anything wrong. why should you need to interact with roon to make sure it works as intended? #notfitforpurpose

has anyone been able to find a solution to this? has Roon responded to any such complaint? I am facing the same issue. That is, when Roon radio decides to play at all, sometimes it just stops picking new music… maybe it feels my discontent:)?

Same problem here, Roon Radio plays same tracks again and again and again…

I’ve had the same effing experience. W-T-F?

I am new to Roon and tried out the Roon radio yesterday and did notice the same. After about 90 min it started to play the same song from the starting artist I selected. That artist has hundreds of songs, so not sure why it picked the same one.

Roon Radio does is not a primary feature for my interest in the Roon software but does seem a bid curious as to why same songs are being played if one of the selling points is discovering new songs from other artists or reconnecting with old songs already in your collection.

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The more you add material to your Roon library, and the more you train Roon by upvoting or downvoting its suggestions to you as it is playing, the better it gets.

I realised this as I’m coming back for a second time around with Roon and started with a fresh empty database this time. Roon Radio has become better and less repetitive as I have trained it and added more to my library.

Like all the good dogs, get the potty-training right early, stop them chewing the couch, exercise regularly and they end up being the bestest doggos.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for the information. I will keep at it.