Roon Radio requested setting

Please add a setting to select the number of queue entries to use for Roon Radio. The “last x entries” would be satisfactory, although I can envision other ways to approach it.

I’d like more variety based on my manual queue entries. It presently only uses the last entry in my queue.

You can use any track, album, artist or genre.

I think you misunderstood what he was requesting. He’s essentially asking for a mix of radio seeds in one radio “station” or session, and I agree, that would be a very very cool feature. Kind of like Pandora’s shuffle stations.

I understood that perfectly well but it appeared that the OP was only using the last track and perhaps unaware of the other options.

Actually, I’ve been thinking about this more. While the setting would be one way to introduce more variety, perhaps there are better ways.

I typically like to hear a mix of music. As it stands now, if I start Roon Radio with a chamber piece, it will give me a nice mix of chamber until I shut it off. But often I would like to hear alternating chamber, symphonic, concerto, vocal, i.e. an interesting mix of stuff. If you guys can dream up a way to make that available, please do.

I’ve thought that perhaps one way to do this would be to allow setting a Focus for Roon Radio, i.e. Focus, then Start Radio, rather than picking one album or piece. That would be an improvement. If you have better ideas, I’m not tied to this particular method.

Some days I’d like to hear a lot of, say bassoon music (my instrument), in whatever form that takes (solo, chamber, concerto, other). I haven’t seen a way to do that with a Focus. So maybe Focus could use some expansion as well.