Roon Radio Seed from Artists in playlists

I have a Genre: Mixable, which I use to tag tracks which I like to hear in a random mix.

I have the Mixable genre results set saved as a bookmark.

When I recall this bookmark and click Shuffle, Roon complains that “Nothing similar found: Limiting Roon Radio to library”.

This list has hundreds of popular artists in it.

Roon has no trouble seeding Roon Radio with these artists when I use them directly.

It should be happy to take any such playlist as a seed rather than fixating on the Genre:Mixable alone…

Roon is using your Genre as the Radio seed, so it searches for other instances of “Mixable” and does not find that genre in Tidal or Qobuz. Hence, being limited to the library where that genre exists.

Indeed. Roon Radio should be enhanced so that artists can be used as seeds as well. This would make it much more intuitive and interesting. Plenty of scope for AI/community to make connections between artists/songs.

Playlists were restricted from Radio on purpose. The rational is detailed by Brian in the 1.6 thread. Roon 1.6 Feedback Thread

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Thanks for that. Interesting read and I take on board the comments. I’ll drop this then, but leave a final comment that, as a user, I’m disappointed with Roon Radio and find it limited (focus on genre) and very repetitive in the songs it chooses. Given the millions of songs out there there is plenty of scope for improvement and would hope that Roon develops Roon Radio further over time. Back to the music!

I would suggest that you take an artist you are interested in and start radio using that Artist. I’ve always found it does a good job for me.