Roon Radio - setup option to limit it to Primary album versions only

The title says it all. I find it a little odd that Roon Radio plays other than primary versions IF there’s one beside others.

For example if I have marked the DSD version of an album as primary version I expect that Roon radio would play tracks from this one only instead of a 44/16 version of it that might be there as well.

Makes sense?

Cheers NOA


+1 from me here… I’ve had Roon Radio play a Tidal AAC version of a song from an album that I have stored losslessly locally and marked as Primary in my library.

Agree - that should be corrected.

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Actually I think this should be user selectable…I have hundreds of examples of “duplicate albums” that have different content (bonus tracks, stereo/mono, etc.) and I like to have the option to hear those on the radio when they’re not the Primary version.

Agreed. As I’ve written - option - so user selectable.

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  1. it should default to the highest resolution when playing non-library tracks
  2. provide the option of playing only library tracks
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how’s about adding a feature “auto-ban duplicates”?
Could be for whole database or just for current radio and/or shuffle selection. User can decide his preference.


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You can do this @Joseph_Trelin

Click on ‘Queue’ at the bottom, then the 3 dots at the top, then move the slider for ‘limit Roon radio to library.


Is this on the list or just skipped?

Any feedback much appreciated.

Hi @NOA,

Please see @mike’s response here:

Hi @noris,

I’ve responded to the topic you have linked here already, and as you can see there I do not disagree with the explanation of @mike but I disagree in the way of thinking that there can not be a second solution as I’ve explained there.

Roon is fantastic but here is a point where it sucks.
Sorry for my open words.


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Hi @mike @noris,

more than half a year passed with no further response or action.
Can I assume that this topic is being ignored, or shouldn’t I be that sceptical?


Bring it up, definitely we want this feature