Roon radio should present/play the library version (when it exist) of it's picks instead of the quobuz version

At least 50% of the tracks I end up listening to comes from roon radio.
Consider the following everyday scenario:

  1. Roon radio’s doing it’s thing (playing)
  2. I hear a track I like…
  3. Hey that’s great, and that’s from an album I have in my library
  4. I proceed to tag it / fav it …
  5. Bummer, I can’t do any of that because Roon radio insists on playing the quobuz version of tracks I have in my library.

I can’t think of any good reason why you’d think it’s preferable to play a track you own in your library from a distant streaming service.

  1. Because of the major ux friction and everyday frustration I presented above.
  2. Because quobuz quality is lower than what I have in my library.
  3. Because its just a waste of bandwith.

Roon lives on the promise of providing a solution that allows me to discover and explore the music I have in my library. I believe that promise would be better fulfilled if this could be fixed.

Thanks in advance


How about this simple variation: Roon Radio should play the highest quality version available. For example if one has a 16bit/44.1kHz version in one’s library but a 24bit/96kHz version is available on Qobuz or Tidal then that should be the version played by Roon Radio.

I agree. See this related thread: Why does Roon Radio favor streaming?