Roon randomly restarts on my Sonic Transporter

Roon Core Machine

Sonic Transporter i9

Networking Gear & Setup Details

All ethernet hardwired. AT&T Fiber.

Connected Audio Devices

2 Ultra Rendus, 1 Optical Rendu. Chromecast Audio, Apple TV. Also frequently testing Roon ARC app.

Number of Tracks in Library

312,979 all stored locally on NAS. Don’t use Tidal or Qobuz.

Description of Issue

I’ve had my Roon Core on a Sonic Transporter i9 for a while now. My library is very large (over 300k tracks) but I don’t know why Roon regularly restarts on a regular basis - Once a day or so. Happened twice today and I get can’t connect to Core sometimes using the Roon Arc app and then see the core is restarting. Thankfully it comes back pretty quickly! I’m just not sure if it’s due to my library size as I’ve had lagging issues for a long while now - tracks take a while to play but after a restart they play immediately. I’m curious if this happens to other with large local libraries? It’s stable other than the random CORE restarts. Thanks!

Hello @metadata_support? This issue persists. Random restart in the middle of a song. Please forward to appropriate parties.


It’s still happening. Just did it again mid-song. Roon Core restarts. Why might that be? I think it’s because I have a large library and Roon can’t keep up. That sucks since I use it constantly and have put a lot of time and money in to it. I can share logs if need be.

Please reach out to the support team at Small Green Computer. Please use the Contact Us form on our website. We are happy to assist.

Thanks. Will do soon.

I reached out to SGC and Andy said, “ If Roon is rebooting randomly we need to know what happens before the reboot. Roon can tell this by looking at the logs. I don’t have a good way to figure this out as I can not read the logs.”

Let me know if you need any help getting the logs.


It just rebooted on it’s own. At 7:02AM US Central Standard Time.


Bump. Please and thanks. @support

Hi @Spence_Marquart,

I have reviewed logging and there are three observations.

Reboots don’t seem to have an event associated with them and happen during play, normal daily loggings, or seemingly mundane events in logging.

Some of the logs are filled with connectivity issues. It’s having trouble authenticating devices with failed connections to the Roon account servers.

Finally, dropouts are present when playing music.

In general, your core has its connectivity hindered. I highly recommend restarting your network. Modem, router, switches, devices and in that order.

I also see where you’re set as all hardwired connections so the situation is pretty puzzling and isn’t something I’d expect to see in a hardwired setup. Are you using wireless access points that you’re then hardwiring to?


Thanks @Wes for reviewing. I wonder if it’s something with the Sonic Transporter itself since that’s where my Roon Core is running. I’ll share that with Andy at Small Green Computer. It is puzzling since everything is hard-wired, including end points. I’ll reach out to Andy and report back. Thanks again!

Hi @Spence_Marquart,

You are most welcome. Do try the systematic reboot of your network though. I have every reason to believe that the issues are in fact network related. Andy might have a trick or two up his sleeve!


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I am working with you now. You have a very old router and a lot of network switches setup in a haphazard manner. This could be causing the network packet loose issues.

I will continue to work to help you resolve your network issues.


Thanks @agillis. You’ve been a great help!


Thank you as always!

@Spence_Marquart I am going to leave your thread open. Please report back any fix. That way, fellow users will be able to find this post and hopefully find a solution!


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