Roon, Raspberry Pi, HiBerry Digi+Pro, and... Aurender?

I am aware that Aurender does not support Roon. However, using Raspberry Pi and the Hifiberry Digi+ Pro HAT I am able to connect to my DAC which does not support Roon either.

I am sending digital data from the Raspberry/Digi+ combo via Toslink to my DAC. Yet, I am getting full functionality of Roon because the Hifiberry is recognized as an Roon EndPoint.

Question: Would I be able to connect the Raspberry/Digi+ combo to an Aurender device (say the Aurender A10) similarly via Toslink and get the benefit of Roon?

Any ideas? Thanks!

Yes! Looking at the back of the A10 there’s a Toslink input:

Perfectly fine with the Digi+ PRO !

Just have both connected via hard wire (ethernet) to the same router.

My assumption though is that you have a Roon Core already? Obviously the A10 won’t be your Roon Core.

Thanks Sean! Yes, I have Roon core running on a Mac.
Follow up question:
Let’s say that I connect the Digi+ to a DAC that can decode MQA files.
If I play a Master (MQA) from Tidal using Roon: will the DAC receive a MQA file that it can decode?

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Yes, the MQA file will be passed transparently to an MQA DAC, but only if all of the DSP features of Roon are turned off (no volume leveling, sample rate conversion, EQ, room correction, headphone cross-feed, etc). Using any of these features changes the audio bits, thereby scrambling the MQA identification flags for the downstream DAC.

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Thank you!