Roon Ready Cert for BDA-3.14? Any news?

In view of the email from Roon today about not allowing uncertified Roon Ready devices to be enabled…has anyone heard from Bryston about whether they plan to get the BDA-3.14 certified before the cutoff date of September 21? I have emailed Bryston through their website but have not yet heard anything back.

If you’ve heard from them, please post here, and I will post if I hear back.


Contact Mike Pickett at Bryston GTA. He’s the one who follows through on getting things done at Bryston. It’s up to Bryston to get the device certified.

You might also jump on the website forum, and enter your request in the Bryston subfourm. Unincognito is Chris Rice who handles the BDPs.

Thanks @rrwwss52. You wouldn’t have a direct email for Mike, would you? If not, no problem, I can call Bryston and ask to speak with him.


I raised the point on audio circle when I got my unit a few months back and to be fair they responded fairly quickly with the current status. I have raised this point again on Audio circle after last nights email from Roon, although as yet there has been no response from Bryston.

Thank you. I have received no response either. If I don’t hear back by next week, I’ll try calling them directly.

Hello All,

Bryston is actively working towards completing certification, we’ve been in contact with them since the launch of the BDA-3.14.


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Thanks, @john. I did hear that from Bryston last year when I was one of the initial purchasers of that model. However, since Roon has now imposed a deadline, I would like to know what Bryston’s timeline is. I don’t want to find myself suddenly unable to enable my primary, and not inexpensive, Roon endpoint.

I recognize that Roon cannot give any insight into Bryston’s timeline. That’s why I’m trying to get information from Bryston on whether they will meet your deadline. So far I have heard nothing from them, not even an acknowledgement of my requests.

Hello @Kuryan_Thomas,

We have changed our approach to the September 21st Roon Ready change. See this post by our COO: A fix for Uncertified Roon Ready devices


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I realize that Roon has at least temporarily worked around this, but as an inveterate software tinkerer, this entire business piqued my curiosity.

I ssh’d into my 3.14 and poked around. As I already knew, it’s just a Pi running a Linux variant. I noticed that there are RAAT config files lying around that set up the RAAT endpoint as a “BDA-3”. That explains why Roon thinks it’s a BDA-3, which btw isn’t a streamer at all so a bit confused there, but whatever.

I’m thinking I might just edit the config file to declare it as BDP-Pi and see what blows up in my face. :sunglasses:

I can back it up first to a NAS. I assume it fully reloads from the micro SD when it boots anyway…

It’s unclear to me why Bryston didn’t just declare this device as a BDP-Pi with a downstream BDA-3. I mean, that’s what it literally is. The Pi is Roon Ready and the BDA-3 is Roon Tested, so everything would have been perfect on day one, right? :man_shrugging:

If anyone has attempted this feat, please let me know. Thanks.

I am not as good at tinkering as you, I did not look under the bonnet/hood. Although, I was having similar thoughts, it is basically two existing ‘Approved’ products bolted together in the one box. However, the sceptic in me said if it was that simple, they would have done it already to save the hassle, so I did not dig any deeper.

I would highly recommend using the Audiocircle forum as is actively followed by the team at Bryston, who seem to provide open and honest answers to almost all the questions asked.

As Robert pointed out earlier, the BDP software guru at Bryston is Chris Rice (AKA Unincognito on Audiocircle). Chris has been very good at helping me in the past with some other software issues.

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Which BDP do you have? I have two BDP-2s with Factory BUC (I favor MPD) and a BDP-1 I use for Roon. Contemplating upgrading one of the BDP-2s to a BDP-3. Different / faster processor…not sure it would sound any better though…

I have had the 3.14 for about 3 months now. I did try MPD for a bit but as a Roon user for a few years - I now only use Roon with it.

I did ask about whether the BDP/BDA combination was better than the PI, as they have a lot more power. But, as most of my files are not high res enough for the Pi not to handle. I went for the Pi version for a lot less money than a full BDP/BDA and I could always add a BDP later if needed.

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Thanks for the reply. I only use the Bryston BDPs, I don’t own a Bryston DAC. If you do decide on a BDP, consider a used BDP-2 manufacturered in mid-2015 or later. The first BDP-2s were souped up BDP-1s that still used the Juli card. In mid-2015, Bryston released a “BUC” version of the BDP-2. Big upgrade. It performs very close to the current $4k BDP-3. You can find used BDP-2 BUC models for under $1500 USD. I purchased both of mine used.

There has been some new firmware today - it now knows it is a BDA 3.14 and some more steps made towards certification at a guess.


Thanks for the alert.

I noticed tonight that my BDA-3.14 no longer says “uncertified.” I updated firmware the other day, but can’t verify that was the moment it changed, as I’ve been listening to vinyl since Record Store Day on Saturday.


Mine is the same



As the person who started the thread, thank you to everyone who participated. It does seem that Roon’s deadline was the spur Bryston required to finally get this excellent product certified!

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