Roon ready confusion

For instance, If a device accepts DSD512 or DSD 256 via USB input, and if this device is roon ready DOes this mean that ROON can send the device bitperfect dsd512 audio.

I know that OPPO cant do that, so I wonder if all devices have such limitations.

For instance can roon send bitperfect DSD128 to PSAUDIO direct stream dac


I’m not understanding the confusion sorry, Roon can send DSD 512 via USB to any DAC that can receive it, and via Ethernet to any Roon Ready DAC that can receive it.

Your question is about DSD capability of a device, not Roon Ready capability (as andybob said, Roon is always capable, whether the device is, is a matter for the device manufacturer, not Roon).

Bear in mind that DSD512 (and native DSD in general) support is a property of the operating system that the DAC is connected to. IIRC, typically:

  1. It is supported on Windows.
  2. It is not supported on Mac.
  3. Linux support depends on kernel and/or alsa patches.

What I mean is different I am not native English speaker…

Roon Ready means that Roon will see the device as a network Zone and can send it a music stream, including DSD, over Ethernet.

Roon can also send bitperfect DSD over USB to any DAC that can receive it, whether that DAC is Roon Ready or not.

this limit is unique to OPPO’s current devices at the moment.

I get that but my question is " which DACs are the ones tha can that can receive it"

Is it possible that on the list of roon ready network devices can a new column be added for max rate that is possible by RAAT