Roon Ready integration with Oppo Digital

Andrew, if no one here has had any luck, it might be worth asking that gentlemen in that other forum, that has his Oppo 203 acting as a Squeeze Server Endpoint. Of course I hope someone can jump in here.

I have an Oppo 103 and would be happy to upgrade to the 203 if this is indeed the case.

You have enabled Squeeze Box support in Roon’s settings and when you go to the Audio tab in Roon, you don’t see the Oppo 203 as an endpoint?

The new 205’s are going to coming out soon so I would wait for that if you are wishing to look at a better oppo platform. I have SB support enabled and I do not see the Sonica DAC or Speakers listed in Audio Settings but they both do show up in JRiver as a device.

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I hate to be a pessimist, but I doubt that the Oppo is really a Squeezebox endpoint. Current versions of Squeezebox Server (now known as Logitech Media Server, I think) act as a UPnP server as well as a Squeezebox server, so I suspect the server is seeing the Oppo device as a UPnP device. Would be happy to be wrong, though.

True and I hope you’re wrong too lol. Unfortunately that other gentleman (in that linked forum) who says it may be a Squeeze Server Endpoint also says he doesn’t have Roon (yet).

LMS is certainly NOT on the Sonica, nor does it show up as a SB player. Roon and MQA may not come either but it would appear that there is at least some consideration for one or both if they are doable and not restrictive by either current build capability and or lic fees etc.

I use mine on a USB port on my Core with no issues other than not being able to upsample on the core to DSD512.

G’day mate, yep that linked thread was about a bloke that has the USD-203 and says it’s a Squeeze Server Endpoint, wasn’t about the Sonica Dac.

As I pasted above this is what he says:

“it does have a Squeeze Server Endpoint! It found my local Squeeze Server and listed it under its “Network” tab. So I’m guessing that the UDP-203 can be used for listening to my very large FLAC collection. Interesting because this isn’t advertised at all on their web page or their manual.”

As someone else pointed, perhaps it’s actually just UPnP that his 203 is picking up

For those who have no need for analog outputs – and I do not – the Oppo UDP-205 will be expensive and overkill. Oppo even has advised potential buyers as such with previous models.


Yep same reason I got the 103. Oppo’s own website says that the digital circuits of the 103 and 105 are identical.

We don’t know if the same holds for the 203 and 205 but hopefully that’s the case.

I have the Oppo BDP-83, BD-103, and now UDP-203. I have not had any valid use cases to warrant purchasing the audiophile enhanced, upmarket versions. I would just as soon ask that Oppo remove the audio DAC section entirely from the standard version. Go all digital output.


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Agreed - go all digital output - and in sticking with this thread - add Roon support ! :slight_smile:

While I know the disk players can be used as dacs I think the original idea behind this thread more recently was for the Oppo sonica DAC…I could be wrong.

The x05 series are better sonically in the analogue sections for sure, and with that comes additional cost yes.

I asked the question of Oppo yesterday and got the same reply.

"Roon is likely not something that will be added to our previous line of products due to a lack of support we are still receiving from our decoder manufacturer for that platform.

The ability to support it in our current line of products is something that we are looking into, but there is a general lack of interest by third parties to support our platforms."

I think there is definitely a level of misunderstanding about exactly what Roon is…

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Thinking of updating my Oppo BDP95 to the UDP203. I no longer need the 7.1 analog outputs (changed AVR prepros), and the video features on the 203 look much stronger than the 95. How do you like your 203? I can probably sell my 95 for almost the price of the 203, since the 95s are still sought after.

Well, I cannot say anything bad about the Oppo UDP-203. But to be honest, in the three months that I have had it, I think I have played one BD and one CD. And no 4K, as my reference video display is still a final generation Pioneer Elite KURO. So, I am not exactly full of user insight. Whenever Oppo produces a new universal player, I just generally buy one right away as my Swiss army knife optical disc transport. If you have specific questions or requests, I can try to answer them or try them out on the player.


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Thanks for the reply. I have a BDP95, and don’t spin many audio discs except for a few SACDs. I recently changed AVR prepros from Yamaha (3010) to the Anthem MRX 720, so I don’t need the 7.1 preouts on the Oppo any longer. Figured five years later, the UDP203 video would be way improved, and the digital circuitry improved as well. I also like the AKM DACs.

Still need a video player for Blurays, DVDs, and the occasional SACD.


wouldn’t it be great having a Oppo 205 (or else) which is Roon Ready? That would be amazing. I know that i could connect the USB Dac to a Computer and using this with roon but the Oppo as a Roon Endpoint would be amazing. Is that something you would consider?

Hi @ManInTheHighCastle,

I moved your question into this existing topic.
Have a read of it to get a feel for the current situation re Oppo.

But your right it would be amazing, not sure where it stands right right now, this was the last post from Roon in this topic:

Might I suggest you also post on Oppo forum, the more people that do the more likely Oppo may move on this.

Seems like they’ve done it. I only have to wair for the EU Version of the Firmware:

Great New!!!

Yes it’s excellent news, there’s a new topic on here discussing the release so I’ll close this one now.