Roon Ready integration with Oppo Digital

I just read that Oppo Blu Ray players will be getting Tidal integration. Any chance Roon could integrate with Oppo Digital?



I would really like that as well (have a modded Oppo BDP-103)

Hi Roon Support … is this on the Hardware Roadmap at all … it would be excellent if it is.

We are working on getting in touch with them to find out what might be possible.


Crikey !!! That was quick … Thanks Brian !

A good friend does some Beta testing for Oppo, on my behalf he has contacted Oppo’s marketing director suggesting ability to use Roon on Oppo BDP’s may be a good idea.


I would encourage any Oppo users to contact them requesting Roon integration.

I wrote to Oppo last week enquiring about any plans they may have.

They replied with


The ability to support additional media and streaming capabilities is something that we are investigating, but we do not know when we will be able to add these through a future firmware release for the player."

I have found Oppo to be very customer focused and if they can do something they will with updates to firmware.

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Robert … that is a great idea !!!

Just went to the Oppo website

and sent them a request selecting the “Product Feedback” option.

I agree Oppo is very customer focussed … I encourage everyone with an interest to follow Roberts suggestion and contact Oppo. Let them know their is demand for this.


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@Duke Done



Good on you Russ … Thank You

I got a reply from Oppo Service … acknowledging that other people are also requesting integration with Roon. Plus it may also require a firmware update to enable. A bit non commital on time frame … though great to hear that Oppo is at least open to the idea.

We’ve made contact with Oppo :smile:


Good times !!!

Thank you Danny ! That is excellent news !


Just to be sure, we are talking about Roon using an Oppo as a networked end-point not Roon being run on the Oppo.

@rugby, correct

@danny With multi-channel support? I’ll get my coat :blush:


Quick question. I use an Oppo 105 with my MacMini (late 2012) / FW 4TB HD attached to the USB DAC in the Oppo, what would be the benefit of turning the Oppo 105 into an endpoint? Will it be able to play native DSD files as now it converts to PCM… I’m still not fully knowledgeable on the benefits of an endpoint over just having my MacMini connected to a DAC.

To get rid of the mini mac

I don’t understand? I have a FW 4TB hard drive with my music so the Mac is 100% necessary. Unless you mean not connected to the USB DAC in the Oppo and if so, what is the benefit of that?

Roon could send music using the RoonSpeakers protocol to the Oppo via Ethernet, it wouldn’t have to be connected to your Mac via USB.