Roon Ready player with complete optical network isolation

We are now shipping the opticalRendu. For those who haven’t see this yet the opticalRendu is a RoonReady Ethernet to USB streamer with an optical Ethernet port. This give you complete isolation from electrical noise on your network.

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I am working on some diagrams so people unfamiliar with optical network can see how to hook it all up. This is this is the first one.

opticalRendu and Ethernet switch with SFP

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what is the purpose of the ‘systemOptique’ branding? Won’t anything that uses the industry standard Gigabit SFP/OM1 LC connected components work or does it have some special tweak only available on ‘systemOptique’ branded products?

That looks to be mentioned on the product page:


Mentioned yes, but the connectors/fibre used is an industry standard, so what is the need for an additional branding if that is all it is?

Fair question and hopefully Andrew answers your question but it looks to be Sonore’s version of something like ‘Roon Tested’ - giving you extra comfort about compatibility between products.

There’s more info on their website:

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Anything with a Gigabit SFP/OM1 should work. We are tying to make it easy for customs to buy a set of products that we know work well togther. All systemOptique branded products have been tested to work together.

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No more branding, Anthony? Pepsi, Ford, Intel, nothing?