Roon Reinstall or Unzip?

Hi Roon team,

I was suffered from latest QNAP hacked and all my NAS files were encrypted.

I am managed to get the password and I beginned to deal with the files.

As my Roon couldn’t be found since the files were encrypted, may I ask the best solution for the Roon.

  1. Decrypt all files in Roon related folders and files, and get it back to work ? (How likely ?)

  2. Delete all files of the existing Roon related folders and files, reinstall the whole Roon software on the NAS ? (I don’t mind the Roon core to run again to created a new database)

What will be the best way to do if you could recommend ? Many thanks.

Best, Tony

If it were my system, then I would choose option 2 (reinstall the whole Roon software).

Thanks for the input, I also intend to reinstall a new Roon.

So, should I delete all folders, sub-folder and files under the Roon directory, and then start the new installation again?

What will be the best procedure for that ?

Best, Tony