Roon reloads every day when the NAS is turned on

Roon reloads the entire (very large) database every day the NAS is turned on, this takes some time each day, can this be avoided?

Thank you

Yes…don’t restart your nas….seriously what would you expect to happen?

A NAS is designed to run 24/7 - you can suspend the HDD’s when not being accessed but with roon running this is unlikly.

How big is this “large” database and are you running from an SSD? A NAS is not exactly normally spec’d to adequately host Roon from a platform performance perspective nor from a file access speed perspective.

Could you help us understand the reasons for turning off your NAS and not having it run 24/7?

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it is not the very large database but the amount of files in the NAS … ++ TB, the Roon database is on a dedicated NUC type PC.

I thought that during the night for 6-7 hours I could save electricity and use of hardware components, but maybe I’m wrong and it is better that the NAS always remains on? Is it true that Roon and other services are constantly accessing the NAS and therefore cannot go into standby anyway?