Roon Remote 1.8.00763 crashes, 1.8.00764 still as well

Yes. Only now my Roon app starting crashing again. The only stable app is through my MacBook. It’s frustrating.

Oddly enough Roon is stable on my iPad mini 4 for now.

My partner is also saying she can hardly use the app on her iPhone as it keeps crashing on start up. So there is something broken if you ask me.

Permanent crashes on iPad (both Air 3 and Pro) as well.

This is little frustrating that main remote apps for a good software are not working as they should.

Luckily I do not have constant crashes on ipad but still have to force-quit ipad pro app multiple times a day and some other smaller issues.

Same issue.

Its probably not surprising at all that Roon keeps crashing on iDevices. It sucks up an absolutely ridicolous amount of storage.

I did a restart of my iPad. When I first loaded Roon after that restart, it occupied 360MB auf storage.

Once I had browsed a bit thru artists, composers and albums for about 15 minutes. the amount of storage had increased to 28.7 GB (!!). miles ahead of any other App I’m using, even those to watch 4k video!

What is this App doing? Does it load (and keep) every hi-res picture on an artist’s or composer’s page in storage? And even if: My entire Roon database is only 6.8 GB large. In which case it must load everything multiple times??

On iPad Pro 11 Zoll 512 and iPhone 11 Pro constant crash when scrolling through genre. Works fine on MacBook Pro
All newest OS version.

I too am having periodic crashes on my iPad (7th Gen).

ROON why are you not adressing these issues with utmost urgency? Still crashing on my iPhone. Shed some damn light on the matter. This is unacceptable.


The iOS app is crashing non stop. Are you working on this?


Might be hard to find since you give no description of your system. I am running Roon on my iPhone and iPad and have NEVER had it crash. So you might need to give a bit more information if you want help.

iPhone 11 updated to latest iOS. Roon app 1.8.00764

IPad works fine. There’s another thread I started regarding this involving more users with the same issue. Roon stays quiet and nothing seems to be done. It’s frustrating.

Creating new topics and cross posting does not help, it just dilutes the discussion.
When spotted the mods will merge back together (which I’ve just done) so the history is in one place.

I can tell you that the Roon developers are aware of iOS crashes that affect some users, but I can’t comment on the progress they have [or not] made.

If you are specifically looking for Roon support, rather than making general comment, you should create a topic in the #support section of the forum and complete all the details the pro-forma request.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the clarification.

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Unusable for me on both iPhone running iOS 14.0 and iPad running iPad OS 14.1.

Deleted and reinstalled 1.8.00764 on both. Rebooted core, both iOS devices and I can’t even get past the first set up screen. There is an update for both devices - I will try installing and then trying again. Frustrating.


I just updated my iPhone 11 to the latest version of Roon Remote.

Crashes faster than the previous one…!

Well, I updated Roon to the latest build and now it’s stable it seems. Very strange indeed.

On my IPad version 14.4.1 5gen it’s now crashing whenever a scroll dow a menu.
It started on version 778
Not cool.

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My iPhone Remote is now stable. I didn’t do anything so it must have been a software update overnight or something.

Spoke too soon.

Stable for 48 hours then back to crashing.