Roon Remote and ARC on new Hiby Android DAP

Brand new Hiby RS8 arrived yesterday. Android 12 with full access to Google Play Store, etc. Works fine with Qobuz app, and playing stored music from SD card. Lovely unit and already sounds terrific. but having trouble getting it to function with Roon at all.

I’m completely new to Android DAPs (and Android in general). For portable use, I’ve been using (and loving) a Chord Mojo2/Poly. My phone and tablet are all IOS, and work beautifully both using Roon Remote (enabling “this phone” as an endpoint when on home network), and Roon ARC when outside the house.

But I can’t get either Roon Remote or ARC to work on the new Hiby DAP. I have downloaded both apps from the Google Play Store, and they seem to be functioning OK except when it comes to actually playing music on the DAP.

For Remote, the app “sees” the Hiby as “this phone.” But when I push the “enable” button it just churns away and never enables it. (Interestingly, I can also see it trying to enable the Hiby when I look in Settings/Audio on my IOS devices, and it even knows that it’s a Hiby RS8 that it is trying to enable. All of the other remote functions work fine (albeit with some lag).

For ARC, it says it’s successfully connecting to my Roon Core, and it shows my my library just fine (again with some lag). But it crashes or hangs as soon as I ask it to play a song.

In short, both apps seem to do everything OK except play music to the Hiby. I’ve tried all the normal initial methods (re-booting everything, re-loading the apps, updating firmware, etc.)

Hoping there’s some simple Android thing I’m missing. I see all the forum talk about how Roon handles hi-res files on Android devices, and I understand those concerns. But I thought that with a brand new Android 12 OS I’d be able to use Roon Remote and ARC the same way I can on my IOS devices. I must be missing something basic.

After the holiday weekend, I’ll submit a support request if I can’t get it working. But I thought I’d throw the question to the community first in case there’s something simple that will fix it (or inform me that I was wrong to think this would work in the first place).

Any help would be appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving.

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