Roon Remote (Android) Issues/Feedback

Hi all,

Regarding Roon Remote for Android:

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X


  • Target = Roon Server x86_64 Linux


  • Unable to find the Roon Server device, even with manual IP scan.

Other Issues/Feedback with Roon Remote App:

  • Looking for “Remote Libraries” is never completed. Entering the IP manually simply returns to the main screen with no information on its failure or success.
  • When selecting “Why cant I see my remote libraries”, pressing the “back” button has no effect. Requires program termination.
  • In “Why cant I see my remote libraries”: When entering the IP address and pressing the keyboard “Enter/tick” key, it returns to the previous screen. No information on failure or success.
  • Program cannot be terminated by pressing “Back” when “Looking for Remote Libraries” is active.


Things I’ve tried:

  • Installing bonjour hostname broadcast with avahi-daemon

Anyone had success or similar issues with Roon Remote (Android App) + Roon Server?

Have you fixed your issue? I just joinded Roon and I’m having the exact same issue. Thanks for your help!