Roon Remote APK on Fire TV?

Anyone successfully using a Fire TV stick or box as a Roon Remote? I guess I’d have to sideload the APK onto the Fire TV somehow…

I think the closest you can get is to use the Silk or Firefox browser and use the Roon Web Controller IP address to show what’s playing with some remote capabilities (you can bookmark it as a favorite in the browser on Fire TV). If you have a Chromecast or Apple TV 4 as well, much better off using that device instead (with Apple TV giving you remote capabilities and is a great app). It would be nice if the Roon Remote created for the Fire Tablet could also be ported to the Fire TV App Store.

Why would you. It’s designed for touch screen and will be damned awful to control and use. Music software really sucks on TV type devices even when the apps made for them. Just try using Spotify of Tidal on Android TV yuck.

Yes, on the Fire TV cube 2nd generation. But, it is not worth the effort, I did it just as a “could I do it” challenge, and then promptly deleted the install. First, it self identifies as a phone, so, you are in the phone interface. Second, the Fire TV controllers do not work to control Roon, you need to attach a separate bluetooth Keyboard and mouse; and even then, it is beyond wonky to control.

@timmo 's suggestion is probably better, although I have not tried it out.

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Installed on a FireHD 10. Makes a better remote than an iPad 12.

I have it on a Fire HD 8 with wireless charging dock (which is a nice feature) and find it a bit small and laggy (so I don’t use it very much). Much prefer it on my iPad Pro 10.5”. Was wondering how good the experience is on Fire HD 10 vs. iPad 12.9 if it’s worth getting one vs the other. I don’t think the latest Fire HD 10 has the wireless charging dock available.

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Amazon is now selling the latest Fire HD 10 Plus for cheap ($70 off as an early Prime Days special). Just bought one to try out and replace my very old iPad Air. Will buy the corresponding wireless charging dock from Anker once its in stock again … should make it a much easier remote to use with the wireless charging in place…and the kickstand case will be nice too going from room to room.

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The Anker wireless charging dock for Fire HD 10 Plus is now back in stock (grab ‘em while they are around). I just got it the other day and it works perfectly. Great Roon display/remote.