Roon Remote App is taking up over 1GB of space on iPhone?

Hi everyone,

We are looking into this. If you’re experiencing this issue, it would be helpful if you could provide the following information:

  • Device model
  • iOS version
  • Number of tracks in your library
  • Size of Documents & Data for Roon


Problem soved!
What I did was the following, first cleaned the app, then deleted the app
and rebooted the Ipad,
Then installed the Ipad update
After this in stalled Roon app again,
Problem soved! the app is working also much faster now,

Thank you all, for the advice, I’m happy now :wink:

If your experience is like mine, you’ll find over time Roon will take up more and more space and you’ll end up having to delete/reinstall Roon app again.

  1. IPad (7th gen), iPhone 6s

  2. Both currently on iOS 14.2, but this has been going on for as long as I can remember.

  3. About 7500 local tracks, about 8000 Qobuz tracks

  4. About 2GB on each device before I deleted/reinstalled Roon app

iPad Air 1 / iOS 12.4.8
2300 albums / 40000 tracks
2.98GB documents storage
Clear cache has sorted this out though (didn’t have to delete and reinstall the app) - took iPad settings some time to catch up and update the storage figure. A day later documents is sat at 44MB and the app is really snappy (although wasn’t noticeably slow before).

iPad 5th gen
iOs 14.2
3409 albums 54057 tracks
Data size 2,69 Gb

I performed the delete/reinstall trick several times already. It starts fresh with hardly any data, but in a few months time it’s back to this size and growing

I forgot I also have an iPad mini 2 that I haven’t used for awhile. I checked and sure enough Roon was reporting about 1.5GB. I tried just clearing the cache as you did, but two days later it’s still showing very close to the same, maybe a few MB less. Like my other devices, I had to delete the Roon app and reinstall it to clear it up.

IPAD 5th gen
IOS 14/2
50000 tracks
8 GB data storage

  • iPad 6.Gen
  • iOS 14.3
  • 48700 tracks
  • 5,5 GB Docs + Data

Clear cache reduced space consumption to 5,13 GB

  • iPhone XR / 64GB
  • iOS 15.1
  • 9700 tracks
  • 18.57 GB Docs & Data

Data has not been reduced significantly after clearing the image cache

What is it that eats up that much memory? That’s more than a third of the entire memory!

You would benefit from a reinstall of the App. Thats not a destructive action, you’ll only get a few heads up where to locate things in the app after reinstall.
Please make sure you are not backing up app data (for this app) to iCloud also, at least for reinstall purposes.

iPad, 5th gen
iOS 15.1.1
Document and Data: 5.41GB

iPhone 12
iOS 15.1.1
Document and Data: 5.64GB

89K Tracks

Clearing the image cache in the app doesn’t do anything to reduce the size in the app.

I have the same problem as you, but can’t find in the Qobuz app how to adjust storage. Please help! Jack

Open the Qobuz app, select My Qobuz, then Settings icon in upper right

Select Storage

Use Maximum Cache Size slider to select desired cache size

Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

BTW, this reduces the memory used by the Qobuz app, but I don’t think it impacts the memory used by Roon.

Thanks very much

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