Roon Remote app rotation on an Amazon Fire HD 10

Hi, question about UI rotation using the remote app on the latest Fire HD 10. Will it rotate? If so, mine won’t. Wondering if you know the 'trick’s to unlock it from landscape only. (I did a search for the key terms of my topic but didn’t find exactly this in the results. Please link me to the thread if this was indeed already answered)

When I use MS RDP from my Note 8 phone OR even from my Fire HD 10 tablet itself to load the desktop of my Core running on Windoes 10 Pro using a high enough resolution that I get the full experience without a warning message and not having to maximize… I can rotate my phone or the tablet and the Roon Full UI rotates to either portrait or landscape to match. I would expect Roon Remote on the high rez Amazon Fire HD tablet would be able to do the same. [?]

Please advise. Thank you.

Hi @Steve_Mato,

The availability of portrait and landscape modes are dependent on the DPI of the machine. You can read more about this here:

Again with the effective rez … This device is 1920 x 1200. So frustrating… When I go into MS Remote Desktop, it will give the application window all the pixels. Doesn’t it? Why can’t yours?

But okay, thanks for the direction. I’ll look into enabling developer options and increasing the dpi or effective rez or whatever is the right way to call it. I didn’t think that was necessary on the Fire HD 10.

Aaaand, I’m back. I’m not seeing a “smallest width” or other dpi settings on this tablet. … Gggggrrrrrr.

Rather than keep editing the last post, I’m making another. Can you please provide further insight? Please see the table down the page a little at this URL.

The device in question is the 7th gen 2017 Fire HD 10. What in the specs there needs to be altered for Roon to rotate to portrait when I rotate the device? The DPI of the device seems sufficient at 223. The only deviced with higher dp are the HDX from 2013/14. … Would Roon rotate on those?

Addition: I ask for direction referencing the page above, because I believe I should be able to execute “option 2” detailed at the link below, and dial-in whatever is necessary to allow the Full Roon UI to rotate with the orientation of the device. Which is my ultimate goal and I think should be possible.

Please advise. Thank you.

Hello @Steve_Mato,

The issue here is not only the DPI, but also the scale factor in use. According to the Amazon chart, the scale factor for the tablet is unknown. We cannot say with certainty on which devices Roon will support landscape mode if the DPI/Scale Factor is unknown.

Yes, option 2 should work for your end as well and I have seen other users follow similar instructions with success (see: Setting Up Roon in Landscape Mode from Portrait on Tablet - [Solved - Edited Pixel Density]). Do let us know how it goes, thanks!

Noris, support at et al … please pass on a request to development: this is easy… if a scale factor from a device is reported as unknown, but the dpi, min width, whatever, is already sufficient to allow the RoonRemote to operate in both Landscape and Portrait, assume whatever a scale factor is necessary to provide the full UX and Rotait … I assume that would be 1.0.

Based on documentation I do not find an adb command to set scale factor. Enabling rotation of the full UX on the sufficiently high resolution Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017) lies in your, Roon Labs’s hands. Microsoft Remote Desktop app can and will do it (and as noted earlier provide me with the full roon ui/ux with rotation … But I shouldn’t need to run the ui from the core via rdp just to rotate!)… Why can’t you?

An additional resource for managing UX on fire HD tablets with which a workable algorithm can be devised to enable full UX plus Rotation on a Fire HD 10:

Hi @Steve_Mato,

Thank you for the additional information, I have forwarded it to the QA team.

We agree that there can be some improvements in this area, and we’ll take a look to see if we can add native rotation capabilities in a future Roon release for the Android tablets.

I cannot comment on an exact timeline of when this capability will reach the top of the development queue, but thank you for your feedback here!

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Much thanx. Tho please note that resource is from 2016. The tablet in question was updated in 2017 and has a much higher native resolution that can support rotation of the full ui/ux natively. But was shared as that resource is still valid to develop an algorithm, working around a lack of a scaling factor.

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