Roon remote didn't update to 1.3 - now locked out [resolved]

I’ve been a Roon member and user for about a year. 30 minutes ago, I tried opening it on my remote Ipad. It indicated that I needed to update to 1.3. So I tried. The screen indicated that my core on the PC had updated, but not Roon remote on the Ipad. No update seemed to be available, but an install button was offered - it went to the Itunes site, where I ‘bought’ Roon remote and began the install. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s trying to install a completely new RoonEssentials. At this point it’s locked up because it’s asking for an IP address, but I don’t know it; I am thinking that I shouldn’t go any further. How do I get back to simply updating to Roon 1.3 remote without losing my setup? Frank

“Roon Essentials Remote” is not “Roon Remote”–that is a different remote control that works with hardware products powered by Roon Essentials.

What you need is the latest version of the “Roon Remote” app from the app store. This is a direct link you can open on your iPad.

Thanks for the response, Brian, but I have been there a few times already. The trouble is that there is no ‘update’ or install showing. The only button available to me at the site for ‘Remote’ is ‘Open’, which I’ve hit a number of times and it just leads me back my own Roon application, which remains stuck on on the Software Update Needed screen. On that screen are shown two Icons - Roon Core, which is updated, and Roon Remote, which needs an update. The only option is to go back to iTunes, where you sent me. I can’t find my way out of this infinite loop.

Just delete the app on your iPad and download it from the store again. There’s nothing to lose in the iPad app.

+1. Not sure why I had to do this on my iPad Pro, but I did, and everything was fine thereafter. You shouldn’t lose anything important when you delete the old version of the iOS app.

Thanks, guys. Actually, I have an IPad Pro, too and I would have followed your suggestion, but Apple seems to have solved it for me. Right after I wrote that last message, I serendipitously received the 10.2.1 update for IPad’s OS and downloaded it. Immediately after that, I automatically received the update for Roon Remote. I’m listening to the White Album on Roon now as I write this, so I’m a happy camper…