ROON Remote..from Windows 10!? [Solved]

Hello there

Have a nice tablet running W10 fully updated, and i was hoping that i could use it for remote my ROON Core system but…NO thats not possible or?

Any suggestions here?

Tablet is: Lenovo Yoga Tab 2 10.1"

Do i have to get an IPad?..Not a Apple user!

Use my Android phone but he screen is way to small for use proberly

Thanks anyway

Morten V…

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I have the same request. No way to do it that I can find,

I will say that the tablet experience is stellar, even if it is full-on Cadillac even at times that i only want a rusty Pinto. Well worth the tablet investment, IMO.

Well well…seems to I have to get an IPad then…

Any size suggestions or model?


I’m using a Surface Pro (I’m allergic to Apples and can’t stand the spyware OS the world knows as android OS) and it’s great!

That being said, a good sized tablet is better than a smaller one, regardless of flavor.

Official Roon iPad requirements are here:

Is it MS Surface Pro your talking about?..Its running Windows OS or?

The Windows tablet discussed is Windows 10 and has enough grunt to run Roon as a remote. However the tablets are restricted to downloading from the Windows app store unless they are the full Surface Pro’s. You could request Roon make their software available via the app store or look at a way of side loading software.

Thanks…I’ll do that

Just wrote this:

Hello ROON

Very exited about this SW…very nice but…

Just get a brand new Lenovo Yoga Tab 2 10.1" for remote use…BIG surprise when i realise that ROON doesnt think thats a good solution…JUST the Surface Pro altso running Windows SW…same as mine do!

The Lenovo TAB i have is running Windows 10 Creators update…is there anywere i can DL the ROON remote for my Lenovo?


Morten V…

This is not correct - only if you have a tablet (or the new Surface Laptop) which is running Windows 10S are you restricted to software in the Store.

A tablet running Windows 10 has no such restriction.

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You just download the Windows version of Roon, and on first startup, instead of making it a Core, tell it to connect with your existing Core - it should have found it on your network, and be displaying it for you to connect to.

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Ok…sounds good…try that after work

Write a feedback after that

OK, thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile:

See here for a description of the first launch process:

okay all…
My mistake, Lenovo OS is 32bit, and you guest it…have done the 64bit installer=error…system can’t run the program!

Thanks anyway, Lenovo is running now as remote and all is ok

Have a nice day from Denmark

Morten V…