Roon remote gives black screen - Windows 10 VMware

Because there is no remote for linux
I installed Windows 10 on a virtual machine VMware
When i start Roon it gives a black screen
I thought it had to do with open gl 3.0
OpenGL Extension Viewer said the version is 2.3 (core profile) Mesa 19
What’s the problem

It requires OpenGL 3.0 as a minimum. You only have 2.3 using that method.

I gave you wrong information, sorry
OpenGL Extension Viewer said ,the version is 3.3 (core profile) Mesa 19.1.0

Then you are right, it should work!

Does VMWare use RDP to connect? There were reports of problems in the past using RDP with Roon.

See also:

No idee
I installed it on ubuntu

Hi @Joris_Leyssen,

I’ve moved your post to the #tinkering section, since we cannot provide support for VMWare configurations. I would search around the forum for others that have got this working, you may also want to give WINE a try.

Don’t use a VM, use Wine:

I used already the Wine script from RoPieee before but it stops working that’s the reason I tried it via VMware with Windows 10
I’ll give the Wine script a second try

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