Roon Remote no longer available in Apple App Store for Macbook Air!?

When I search the Apple App Store for the word “Roon”, no apps show up. The screen capture below shows a note that says Roon Remote is only available for iPad and iPhones. I’ve been running Roon Remote on my Macbook Air for a long time. Not sure what is going on.

roon updates from within the app, so you shouldn’t need the app store for roon on your computer. (Or you can get it from the roonlabs site itself.)


I’ve never had Roon Remote on my MacBook.
I just installed Roon and pointed it to my Core.
Could you do this?
I think the functionality would be the same.

No you haven’t; you’ve been running Roon.

Roon Remote is available for iOS and Android devices only. Install this from the App Store.

Roon, Roon Server, and Roon Bridge are a available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, and may be downloaded from the Roon website.

Actually that is probably what I did originally. Been so long ago I’ve forgotten. Now that you pointed it out I seen I’m running Roon on my Macbook, not Roon Remote.


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