Roon Remote on Android

Just installed the Roon Remote App on my Fiio M17 and when I clicked “Connect” in the App it said I wasn’t using the same version as on my Core which is on my MacMini.

Any ideas of a fix?

Could it be a problem with the Android operating system on the M17 and if so again is there a fix.

Thanks in advance of a reply.

Can you get a screen shot of settings/about or just take a look there and see what version you are running on the core and compare it to the version on the android?

Core is running 2.0

It seems the Android version is 1.8 so looks as though that’s the problem.

When will the Android version be updated to correspond to the Core please?

Can you manually update the App on Play Store? I’ve never used Android on a DAP but I’m assuming it’s similar to any other advice.

Also, just checking that you haven’t accidentally downloaded the Roon Legacy app rather than the regular Roon app.

Ah right ok so two very interesting options to try which I’ll try later.

Thanks for the suggestions.

You can download the APKs here if needed:

I have not tested to see if they are the latest, but they should be… YMMV

I am on “earlyaccess” train so do not have the “production” version installed.

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Ah right that’s very kind of you to point me in this direction.

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Everything sorted now.

It would appear downloading from the dedicated Fiio App Store was the wrong thing to do.

I’ve just downloaded the App from the Google Play Store, installed it and as we speak I’m enjoying Roon through the Fiio M17 which sounds incredible.

Thanks to all that replied to me it’s much appreciated.