Roon Remote on duplicate iPads [Resolved]

I traded in my two older iPad Air 1s today at the Apple Store, and purchased two standard ipads (which are third generation Airs). I sucessfully downloaded the Roon app from the App store on one, but the second iPad refuses to place it on the desktop as an accessible app. I can open it from the app store by manually downloading it for each use. For the Roon team, is the Roon app limited to a single app download per cloud address? Any suggestions? My other apps duplicated on both ipads just fine.

Edit: Resolved by using another app store ID.

Don’t understand that. I have it on 2 iPods and an iPad. All under the same apple id.

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I have Roon on iPhone’ s 6 and 7+, iPad Air, iPad Air2 and iPad Pro 12.9" all on same Apple ID. No problems.

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Thanks. Mine was being stubborn. Everything works fine now.

A bad apple, that one.