Roon remote on older iPad

new to roon the roon remote says it needs ios 11 evidently my ipad is not compatible only 10.3 anyway to make it work with my ipad?

Correct iOS 11.2 or better ideally for some of the current features.

so is there an older app available that would let me use my ipad?

There was some integration with ipeng but I haven’t played with it for a while


Check out FAQ: What models of iPhone and iPad can I use Roon with? for supported iOS devices.

EDIT: This Knowledge Base page was out of date it now states iOS 11, rather than iOS 8.

Is that document up to date? Or has Roon upped the ante and required all new Roon installs be updated to iOS 11? Existing installs can continue to use iOS 8-10. For example, I have kept my Roon remote iPads on iOS 9-10 – because of the widespread issues with iOS 11.


There is an excellent web interface that has been written as an Extension. It is not a full web version of Roon but gives basic transport/selection controls. I use it with my ‘old’ ipad 4 and it can be run in any browser, so can be used on older PCs that don’t have the Open GL 3 necessary to run Roon Remote.

It’s out of date, it should say iOS 11 now, I’ll get it updated.

I would recommend updating iOS to keep current with Remote Roon in step with Core, as the delta increases more functionality discrepancies will creep in.

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I’ll update this page once I recall / look up how … in the meantime, if you are able, please feel free to correct it.

Hey Carl,

I made the change.

btw, I believe that every device that’s compatible with Roon should be able to update iOS to 11. If the device can’t, then the device couldn’t run Roon anyway.

Cheers, Greg

Many thanks Greg.

And yes all the supported hardware is capable of running iOS 11. So shouldn’t be an issue.

How do i install/use web interface on my ipad with ios 10.3.4?
Is it v1.2.0 or v2 alpha recomanded?
Thank you very much in advance.