Roon remote on Ubuntu 22.04

Up until now linux users have been able to run Roon remote on linux by the use of Wine and winetricks. The new Ubuntu 22.04 comes with native support for .NET 6.0.
Is it possible to run the Roon (windows) remote directly under Ubuntu .Net 6.0 or do we still have to uses Wine?

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There is no ui for Linux period only Roon server. It’s nothing to do with .net as it’s already using it for over a year. It’s the fact there are two many different desktop managers on Linux variants. If you want to control via Linux then wine is your only option.

The window/desktop managers really have nothing to do with it

What’s the reason then. Sure I read that was part of the reason.

I might have got this mixed up with OpenGL implementation and added 1 &2 together and got 4. Just searched and found Brian and Danny’s comments on it.

Well it’s simply a different OS and Roon would have to port the remote app. But already under Wine it’s not a problem to run it under whatever desktop manager one wants.

The desktop manager fragmentation in Linux distributions historically didn’t help adoption, but it was mostly a problem for apps that are highly integrated into the OS’s GUI, such as with launchers, notification areas, file dialogs, drag & drop with complex objects, etc. However, much of this is now standardized between the different major environments and in most ways a solved problem even for such integrated apps.

For Roon this problem is minimal anyway because its graphical and desktop integration tool kit is a totally separate framework anyway, it doesn’t use native dialogs, etc. on Win or Mac either. The window manager draws a native window border and title bar around Roon, and that’s about it.

Historically, the larger problem for apps that were not native to Linux was the fragmentation between distributions regarding versions of kernel and dynamic libraries, installer packaging, and configuration systems. Nowadays, much of this is solved by self-contained, virtualized packaging solutions like Flatpak and Snap.

As far as I can tell, the basic porting effort for the application to Linux is the obstacle, and given the not so large number of Linux desktop users, I don’t blame them. Wine works great (though I wish Roon would do something about the high CPU usage that started to happen with Roon’s ridiculously high frame rates for smooth scrolling)

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