Roon Remote Options with streaming devices

Currently I use an Android or Apple tablet to control Roon core (on an iMac) remotely from my listening chair. My Android tablet is old and hangs frequently with Roon while the newer Apple is bulletproof and works fine. I frequently use the tablet elsewhere and have to go hunting for it when I want to listen to music

I have a TV nearby and was thinking of buying an Apple TV so I could run the Roon Player App instead of using the tablet.

Apple TV is pricey. I’m wondering if the same features of the Roon Remote App in Apple TV are available is Chromecast, Roku, Fire, etc. So I can browse, select, and play music with the TV and streaming device.

My system now is Roon on iMac–> DAC–> AVR receiver/TV (stereo input) → Amp–> speakers

You could get a 2nd hand iPad mini off eBay for this kind of thing. Works great

You could look into a Yio remote 2 that’s currently in development?