Roon Remote - Recommended music based on current selected album

Since I started using Roon in January, every time I selected an album my Roon remote software displayed, on a right side pane, other recommended music based upon my currently selected album. I found this feature extremely useful. Why has it stopped working as of two weeks ago? I am very upset that this feature has ceased working and would like to know if others have also experienced this and if there is something that can be done to return this feature to operation.

Is your TIDAL/Qobuz integration working properly?

Is it possible you are not logged in at a streaming service?
Only works with streaming subscription

Yes, I’m subscribed with Qobuz. It seems to be working as I can search and play anything from Qobuz.

Qobuz seems to be working properly. I can search it and play anything selected.

If not done so already, a reboot of your Roon core might be a good first step to try.

Yes thanks, I’ve already rebooted the Roon core. I’m using Roon Nucleus.

I think you should open-up a support request in the support section of the forum, providing all the needed information asked for.