Roon Remote supported on iOS 10 ? [Yes]

When I go to app store they say ‘such app is NOT supported by yr software’.

What is problem?
Without app cannot sign on Roon.


Hi Pedro,
I’m Running Roon Remote on iOS10 on these two devices iPhone5s and iPadAir2.
What device are you attempting to load Roon Remote onto?

Using iPad ver 14A403.
Any issue on that version?

Hi again,

I’m confident that this is not an iOS 10 issue. However, I believe you have an older iPad device which is not supported by Roon as it either lacks a 64bit CPU or an OpenGL ES 3.0 capable GPU.

Have a look at these pages so you can confirm:
Identify your iPad model
What models of iPhone and iPad can I use Roon with?

The model is 4th gen A1460, don’t have OPEN GL.

Bad news to use Roon, if to have new iPad model supported.
Any solution to use Roon in this model and avoid more costs?

Unfortunately Roon will never be able to run on that device as it just does not have the hardware required, sorry.

You could look to save costs by seeking a refurbished later iPad model or perhaps a pre-owned iPad Air.

You can remote from an older iPad to the desktop running Roon. I’ve done it with TeamViewer (free) running on iPad and desktop. It’s not pretty (congested screen) but it does work. But for a long term solution, find a newer iPad. An android tablet should also work and may prove cheaper although I’ve not tried this so am clueless as to android tablet hardware requirements.

Many thanks Michael for your kind support, I will check your options, to avoid more costs.

tks again

+1 to @mdconnelly on using a remote control app.

I use the free Real VNC app on my ancient iPad to remotely operate Roon running on my MacMini (core) and iMac (remote). It takes a few minutes to get used to the interface but it works great. There’s some new gestures to learn but with patience and a light touch, I pretty much accomplish what I want.

The thing is - IMO - even with a newer iPad running the Roon app, you’ll still need a remote app of some kind if you’re running Roon on a Mac/PC, headless or not. Perhaps you’ll need to restart Roon or reboot the machine. Maybe you’ll want to run HQPlayer or investigate the location of a missing file. I have caught myself more than once using Safari on the remote app and realized I could be doing the same on the very iPad I was using.

Another benefit is music purchases when I can use the remote app to buy & download an album directly into my watched folder. I don’t know how to download music using an iPad and have it go directly to the watched folder without using a remote app.

I use Splashtop, not for the Roon app but for general access to my PC from iPad. Works great as well.

Thanks Tom for your input.

My idea is to run Roon server on Exasound, Sonore Sonic or similar with purchase and downloads added manually to the music library on HDD connected to server used.

In this case do I need an extra remote app as you say?

I don’t know the answer whether you will need a remote app because I am not familiar with how those devices are controlled by their own apps and any other functionality those apps provide. There are a number of Linux geniuses on this forum who have a more advanced perspective than mine.

From the perspective of being lazy in a listening chair:

It seems to me that if one is happy using a device app solely to select and control music playback, they will be sufficient.

If one has a laptop that can perform things like remote control/screensharing, downloading, ripping, and movings files then a remote app on a tablet might be unnecessary. In my case my Macs are not portable (Mini & iMac) so I use the iPad to do as much as possible.

My laptop(PC) is seldom by my side anymore as I listen to music. So if I need to get up and do something that I can’t do using the iPad app, I might as well do it in front of the iMac or Mini.

The new Surface or iPad Pros are on my shopping list for this reason. And using them I can consolidate the tasks I do now with a traditional laptop and iPad into a single device.

These are good problems to have. :slight_smile:

I use an Apple TV 4 as endpoint. You can connect a headphone via bluetooth. Works great.

Had the same problem with my old iPad. Used a VNC - JumpDeskTop. Excellent.

BTW - Finally sold my iPad to an online buyback outfit for $67.