Roon Remote UWP App

If roon remote was available from the windows store as a UWP app, I could use windows assigned access to make a quick and easy roon kiosk:

Sounds this could be kinda cool.

As another benefit, a UWP app would expand Roon’s control options to include windows tablets, xbox, and windows phones in one shot as well as give people an option to install a lightweight version of roon on computers they do not intend to use as a server

Further, i wonder if windows could do a better job throttling roons battery consumption on a tablet when running as a uwp app? As it is now, running roon on my surface tablet causes it to heat up and kill the battery. I am usually doing other stuff and only occasionally giving focus to roon to pick an album or playlist. Even when running minimized roon still chews up a lot of battery.